Launchpad: Yakul

Yakul is the freshest outfit to come out of Brighton’s ever-creative climate. While we might not know much about this newly formed four-piece, what we do know is that their debut ‘Giveaway’ is a sure-fire winner for listeners with a soft spot for modern jazz and future soul. You could align Yakul quite nicely alongside Jordan Rakei and Seramic, although this band demonstrate more of that live improvisation energy associated with a jam session rather than studio recording.

‘Giveaway’ is dramatic; it’s stylish; it’s damn fine.

Here’s what Yakul have to say about their first single and upcoming ventures:

“Giveaway is the second song that we finished during the formation of this project, it’s about going through transitional periods of your life and whether old relationships or elements of your past will still be relevant in the future. Recorded at Brighton Electric Recording Studio by Josh Harrison, and mixed by Josh Trinnaman from Luo, we’ll be releasing on Tropopause Records May 19th.”

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