On The Record: Born Stranger

Here at Unrecorded, we’re all about emerging artists. Born Stranger are an up and coming duo based out of London, creating expansive electronica a la HONNE. I had a little chat with the boys to discover more about their influences, sound and background.

Hey guys, could you give our readers some background on the project?

Born Stranger is myself, Maddox Jones, & Raife Hacking. We’ve been making music together for a few years now. We actually met when Raife auditioned to play drums in a previous project.  We are both from Northampton although now we gravitate towards London and…Devon! The first audition seems a life time ago because now he is first and foremost a producer; a skill he’s learnt over the past 3 or 4 years. We are worlds apart in terms of our musical backgrounds – he used to he into metal and now is a big house music fan. Whereas my heritage lies in new wave 80s – bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode etc.

However, we found common ground in our love of pop music – pop music done right; the search for a new sound, a new way to make a hook interesting and an unwavering drive to write the perfect pop song. Being in the studio is a big part of what we do and when Yoad Nevo agreed to work with us it Born Stranger just grew and grew. We see Yoad as the 3rd member of the band – his experience with projects like pet shop boys, sia and goldfrapp are completely aligned with the kind of pop music we strive to create. We have an album ready but are still writing, we just love what we do. 

I heard your collab with Caitlyn Scarlett a few months ago, how did that come about?

Well actually, we are both managed by Ferocious Talent, and I emailed Kwame and was like whose this girl Caitlyn, she’s sick! And from there we set up a studio session. At first we wanted to get her on one of the tracks we’d already written but it soon became clear that she had her own vision and wanted to do a collab rather than sing something she hadn’t actually written herself. I had the song title “cheating love” and Raife had the backing track and Caitlyn wrote these amazing verses… and the rest is … on Spotify! Ha 

Where did the new single come from?

The new single is a song born from the frustration of being in your 20s and having the world at your feet but worrying so much about what other people think that it actually stops you from just getting the fuck on with life and doing amazing things. I think a lot of people can relate; it’s about realising that when your young you can do anything! 

Do you feel like the city you live in impacts your music?

Mmm I would say possibly – but subconsciously. I think because we live in a truly global world now that it’s easy to grab influence from everywhere – all around the world – there’s amazing stuff out there. I think being from Northampton in middle England makes you dream of seeing the rest of the world and wanting to make something of yourself – perhaps that also has to do with being working class as well – wanting to break free.

What do Born Stranger fans have to look forward to?

We have lots of songs to share with you and we are planning a live show… keep your eyes and ears open, lots to come!

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