Brockhampton – Face

Kevin Abstract has been regularly heralded as the creative genius leading the way of art for weirdos. Now 20-years-old, the talented Texan first established the creative collective we now know as Brockhampton two years ago and it has proven to be one of his most fascinating endeavors yet.

Last year, the ever-expanding crew released their debut album All-American Trash, that featured rappers Abstract, Dom McLennon and Merlyn Wood, singer Matt Champion, and producers Romil and Bearface amongst others. At the cusp of this year, Brockhampton shared “Cannon” as a showcase of this exciting group, but also as a bridge to their current newest release “Face”.

The Abstract-directed video is stark and intimate, with filmmaker Ashley Grey shooting in a home video style similar to precursor “Cannon”. As with everything Brockhampton do, “Face is about equal measures with JOBA, Matt Champion and Ameer Vann each singing nostalgically and stylistically about the tribulations of love. Their various approached share a soulful core, which keeps “Face” running as a stream of consciousness, each artist’s own thoughts bleeding into the next. Their performances are excelled by a shimmering Kiki production, anchored by a kick drum and elevated by twinkling electronics and a dreamy synthesized chords.

“Face” is the first taste of Brockhampton’s second mixtape, Saturation. Coming very soon.

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