Bo Weber – Right Here

‘Right Here’ is one of the emotive, reflective, heavy-hearted, electronic-pop productions from Bo Weber’s first album, Wendy. It’s a collective of tracks and recordings dedicated to his late mother, Wendy Weber, who sadly passed away following her fight with Ovarian Cancer. Through his grief, the 28-year-old turned to music as a way to express his emotions, process his thoughts and share his story with whoever may listen.

The music video for ‘Right Here’ in particular chronicles the Minneapolis songwriter’s downward spiral into self-destruction. His honesty is admirable in lines like, “The bane of my existence was a string of poor decisions that led me astray; now, I’m just a poor musician dealing with with my own addictions.” These rhythmic lyrics swim through an ocean of intricately arranged digital beats, subtle R&B melodies and a dreamy production.

This song is rich with regret and consolation, reflected in the incredibly emotional music video which sees Bo Weber lost in emotion. The kicker has to be the voicemail recording of his mother, her voice fragile but supported by the son’s reassurance that “I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

Speaking exclusively to Unrecorded about the feelings and circumstances that inspired this song, the Minnesotan musician explains:

“After the passing of my mother, Wendy, there were many nights I laid in my bed, begging for her spirit to speak to me, guide me, unchain me from the self-destructive lifestyle I created.

The song “Right Here” is a confessional of the wrong choices I made, and my plea for spiritual help. In the voicemail that’s heard in the music video, it’s apparent I wasn’t there for her in her time of need. In the chorus, I sing, “I’ll be right here waiting for you”; an attempt to make up for the lost time I was not there for her when she needed me most.”

Bo Weber’s Wendy LP is out now.

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