Pace – Through Your Fingers

Okay, we have found the perfect summer track. With buttery melodies, laid-back instrumentation and that gentle baritone, ‘Through Your Fingers’ is a warming, feel-good and easy-going single taking influences from Motown melodies.

The track comes from Hackney-based trio Jamie Ley, Philip Morris and Aaron Colton who call themselves Pace. It all began in the Spring of 2016 when old friends Ley and Morris rekindled their connection over a day-long conversation on the topic of great pop music. It only took a few months for the pair recruit drummer Colton and launch their endeavor into classic pop songwriting.

Speaking on their silky, summer single, vocalist Ley explains:

“Through Your Fingers is a Motown inspired melody ready for the summer. It’s a song about meeting someone you really like, but not having the courage to ask them out. Or when you meet a person who turns your world upside down, but you decide to act cool and risk losing them. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. The song is a kind of mantra – you’ve got to act quickly on things before they slip away. Don’t be scared to tell someone how you feel, otherwise you could lose them forever.”

‘Through Your Fingers’ also follows last year’s releases ‘Foolish’ and ‘Heartbreak’, and is out now via Noon Pacific Records.

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