On The Record: Essex


Essex are a Las Vegas based duo, hailing from New York City. They create expansive synth-laden productions with a focus on sizzling melodies. We had a chat with them and delved a little deeper into their new single ‘Notice’.

Could you tell our readers a little bit about the project?

Essex is a project that is 6 years in the making, we met in New York City in 2011 and came up in the music/club scene together. We eventually started making music together and constantly bounced ideas off each other. We were rooted much more in electronic dance music and Trance, both of us having released on Garuda/Armada with our own individual projects.

A couple of years ago Tyler was asked to move to Las Vegas to be a resident at the nightclubs, Omnia and Hakkasan. We always stayed in touch, constantly developing music until we realized we needed to be in the same city to dive into the project.  That’s when Phil moved out to Vegas.

Over the years of making music together our sound has matured into an eclectic mix of music we enjoy. The influences range from electronic music, to 80’s synth wave, to pop, and even folk.  We’re excited to finally be releasing these tracks to the public.  We have a lot to share over the course of this year.

How did the new single unfold in the studio?

This song has changed dramatically since we first wrote it. The instrumental specifically sounded a lot like our first release “Roads”, but once we finished writing and recording the vocals with our good friend, Jessica Main, we realized we wanted to change the song completely.

We started messing around with analog “synth wave” style synths, and a melody developed in to what is now the backbone of “Notice”. We’re both very happy with how it turned out, and we think it’s the perfect track to kick off our releases this summer.

As far as content goes, what does it draw upon?

The song is about how life moves, things change, and maybe we were too young in the moment to realize something else is there, or that things could have been better at the time. It’s a song about acceptance of mistakes made in hind sight.  The instrumental lends an optimistic undertone to accompany that acceptance. Honestly it’s just a feel good summer track about self realization.

Do you feel like the city you live in impacts your sound?

We draw inspiration from many different places, but mostly from New York.  Musicians in New York are always pushing the musical boundaries, and we try to do that in our tracks, specifically with our instrumentation.  Having both spent the early part of our 20s DJing in New York City clubs we saw how certain types of music affected the crowd and we’ve always drawn inspiration from that.

What do your fans have to look forward to in the coming months?

For those people that enjoy the music coming from our project, we have a lot more music on the way. We really pour our hearts into each and every release, and we’re focused on making music that speaks to us.  We are excited to get these tracks out, so hold tight and keep an eye on our social media because we plan to be putting out a lot of new music for the rest of 2017.

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