Active Child – Cruel World

This week, the world mourns for the loss of innocent lives in a senseless, merciless act of violence. We’ve all reacted in our own ways. Processing our grief and shock however we can. One artist whose painful emotions have been transformed into song is Active Child, the Californian singer, songwriter and producer.

Here, the artist speaks about his reactive song ‘Cruel World’:

“honestly struggling today. this latest one broke me 😞 and i’m having trouble finding the words… but, let me wrap my arms around you . this new one is up now and i’m working on a full length for the fall but i want to give you more. i want to release more music and feel freer, so that is what i plan to do . self released under my own label ‘sun rooms recordings’ . i wrote this with the pain of the current state of affairs on my mind but with sincere hope in my heart . let’s all create more / perform more / love equally / worry less . and always, keep our heads up 👊🏻

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