Rob Valentine – 3 A.M.


Rob Valentine landed in our inbox last week, fresh R&B beats accompany a soulful vocal – with melodies riding and rising atop Rob’s expansive instrumentation.

“I grew up heavily influenced by classic rock and r&b, the perks of growing up with a single mom. I could be listening to Jon B. or Jodeci and then change to The Eagles or The Steve Miller Band,” says Valentine. “I heard that beat from MXS and knew I had something special for it. From the electric guitar, to the drum pattern. I felt like I could bring my influences together and make something special. ” I can’t promise you that you will like it, but I hope it makes you feel something. I know that it means something and I know the work that went in and the emotion behind it.”

“The story behind the song, I had been seeing this girl before I took my trip to perform in San Jose (First trip to California) only to split days before I left. This song was about the fall out, being drunk, calling at 3 a.m., and wandering the streets of San Jose.”



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