Andrew Whitman – Things To Come


We don’t post much acoustic alt-rock here at Unrecorded. In fact, I think this is our second alt-rock post this year. Occasionally however, a track will come along and demand your attention – the kind of track you can’t ignore. You’ll either be a big fan of the sound or have very little time for it – but you won’t ignore the track. ‘Things To Come’, the new single from Andrew Whitman, is one of those tracks. I’ll let you listen and make up your own mind.

“Things to Come was one of those songs that came together very quickly.  We wanted to have a quieter acoustic track to complete our new album, and we were coming up blank.  Luckily, the stars aligned two months before our release, and we wrote and recorded the song over a few days.  “Things to Come” is about my experience during the first two years of marriage with my wife, Libby.  When two people come together, there are always different expectations, habits, and opinions that collide with each other, and this song helps me remember that whichever direction we end up going in, I’m excited for all of it.  We kept the production raw and simple to accentuate how organically the song came together.  It’s one of my favorites on the album.”


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