Vylet – All That Glitters


Pop can take many forms, some of them interesting and some of them stale. This is one of the interesting ones. It’s clear that Vylet is starting to flex her writing muscles, getting slightly more experimental in her melodic choices. There’s a lot of alt-pop coming out of Los Angeles at the moment, picking up on the trend that was spiking in London over the last few years. Vylet is pushing that scene forward, giving us a new look into a crowded party.

“When I wrote ‘All that Glitters’ I wanted to explore the artifice and façades we often assume through this very upbeat, almost plastic electro pop song. The verses are dealing with struggles and difficulties that we try to hide or very selectively reveal when we present ourselves and our narratives to others. In the chorus I’m depicting this cliché, very unreal party scene that’s a temporary projection of our distorted views of ourselves. Everyone is sort of faking it on some level and ‘All that Glitters’ explores how long that artifice can last.”

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