Raffertie – Note


Note seems to be a rather personal exploration, so we though it wise to let Raffertie tell you about his beautifully written new single:

“Note is the first from a collection of songs that I will be releasing over the next 12 months via my own label Super. Note is an exception but most of the songs came from sessions with different artists, which was refreshing given that the majority of the songs on my debut album were written by me. My previous work drew on a lot of different influences so I wanted to focus on more or less one thing, traditional songwriting, albeit in my own way.” – Raffertie

“Each song is self contained, there is not really an overarching narrative, I simply wanted each song to be a moment which describes something, someone, a thought or a feeling. Of course working with other writers not all of these subjects wholly belong to me, but as a creator or listener we all apply our own meanings and so each song has a particular personal meaning to me.”

“Note specifically is a portrait of someone and a moment when everything fell apart for them.”

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