Room 1985 – Room 1985


“The song Room 1985 is about religion and how it affects our lives, no matter if you are religious or not. At least once a day we’ll say or hear phrases like “He/she’s my angel”, “Oh my God!”  or “Oh Lord”, especially in moments of need or crisis.”

“But the song also reflects on the idea that all we know about religion can’t be true.  Part of the inspiration for the track is the theory of ancient astronauts made popular by Charles Fort and Erich von Däniken.  A common thread in the birth of many religions is the description of angels and gods coming from the sky. But not all history is recorded in books, books do not contain 100% truth – like the main chorus says, “everything is not what I know”.

“Reading a book about the ancient astronaut theory really inspired the song and we conceived, wrote and recorded it in just 5 days. Chris says the hypnotic guitar riffs popped up in his mind very easily, with that and the super-metric drum playing of John acting as a solid bedrock for layers of synths. Musically the influences of Pink Floyd, Public Service Broadcasting and Ozric Tentacles are very strong in the track, which features CJay Shorrock on guest vocals.”

Chris adds “I regard the intro to Room 1985 as a lesson about space, but in an ironic way.  Though it says ‘But we only found life in one of them’ (meaning one planet in the universe) in fact that now seems highly unlikely after the recent exoplanet discoveries, some of them believed to be Earth-like in nature. For me, that leads then to the fact we all have feelings, use words or go about our everyday lives adhering to beliefs and assumptions that are based on a lie”.


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