On The Record: Martin Luke Brown talks to us about his stunning new single ‘J.O.Y.’

We had a chat with London’s Martin Luke Brown, the emerging songwriter spoke to us about his new single ‘J.O.Y.’, playing live and where he’s heading in 2018.

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I mean I could romanticise it, but I’m essentially just another middle class white boy writing emotional music haha


What does the new single J.O.Y. draw upon in terms of subject?

Living in the moment. The last couple of years I’ve been a big old cocktail of anxiety, depression and experiencing regular existential crises. Haha. And for me, the key to it all is just to be in the moment – not comparing any day to any past day, or the unknown future. Just enjoying and appreciating what’s in front of your eyes and J.O.Y is a song reminding myself of that really.

How did it evolve in the studio?

It was a happy accident really. Me and Joe (producer) had been working together lots writing for other artists and bits for TV and film, and J.O.Y was written just to pass the time one day really. It just happened!


Is this indicative of the sonic direction you’re taking in 2018?

Yeah I think it’s probably the ‘biggest’ sonically I’d stretch myself to. But soundscape wise yeah, sure.

You sold out The Borderline! How was that live experience for you?

Amazing, yeah, I’m so thankful. So many good people in one room. Really fucking good vibes!

Is live a particularly enjoyable part of the process for you or do you prefer being in the lab?

I do love playing live but there are times where it does feel a touch indulgent. For me the real magic is in ‘the lab’. Creating is what I really love. Playing live is just a nice addition you know?


What do Martin Luke Brown fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

Hopefully lots of projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes will start coming to fruition! I’ve been a busy boy! All in good time though. I’m excited.


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