NYC based rapper Gi Major releases ‘Giggle’

‘Giggle’ is the title track and lead single from Gi Major’s EP of the same name. It’s driven by a sparse beat punctuated by trill hats, 808’s and dry snares. It’s trap production lit up by a high pitched sampled laugh that sits underneath the NYC-based rapper’s indubitable flow. There’s a laid back characteristic to the vocal that will have you nodding along, riding the beat.

“Giggle is all about self-reflection and personal growth as an artist.  What was initially inspired by my aversion to other artists lack of content in their writing, turned into me “giggling” at only one person, myself. This track represents my insecurities as an alternative hip-hop artist, but more-so my personal journey to gaining confidence in the fact that authenticity can never lose relevance” – Gi


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