On The Record: Emma McGrath talks to us about Butterfly, her upcoming EP, carpentry, BANKS and touring America

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

No problem, sure thing! I’m from Hertfordshire which is just North of London and I write and play music! When I’m not doing music I have a slightly odd love for carpentry and general DIY stuff. I actually put together all the props in all the most recent artwork. It was a fun job and I used lots of white paint!


What inspirations have gone into defining your sound?

Growing up I listened to a lot of Tracey Chapman and my Dad and I like to listen to country music when we’re cooking in the evening!  When I was about 15 I got really into Alternative R&B and discovered Banks. I find her music quite captivating, I think because she has a way with words that is so bare and honest. That mixed with her vocals is gold. I find it hard to pinpoint specific artists or tracks that define my sound because I think it’s still changing and I like to keep mixing it up… Maybe that’s down to me liking all sorts of music. I listen to different stuff depending on what mood I’m in. 

How did the new single come about?

So Butterfly is a funny one because it’s a very random title but it felt odd to change it! I wrote it on one of my very first writing sessions, so I must have been 15 nearly 16 or so. I was big into an artist called Butterfly Boucher at the time because she had just released a new track called The Ladida Song and I thought it was epic! I wanted to write a track like her track so we named the project ‘Butterfly’. Funnily enough the song didn’t turn out anything like her track and it hasn’t got any reference to Butterflies either but oh well! 

How did it evolve in the studio from the original demo?

We kept quite a few of the original parts although Jackson and I re-wrote the second verse whilst we recorded it because the original verse wasn’t quite sitting right. Jackson is a seriously amazing producer and writer and it help that he is great to work with too. He’s produced 3 of the 6 tracks on my upcoming EP which also features another track I wrote with him called White Lines. 

Is it part of a larger project, an EP or album?

Haha, I gave it away in the last question! So Butterfly is the second single from my upcoming EP Silent Minds. It features 6 new tracks and I’m pretty excited for it to be released because it’s been way too long! 

That’s brilliant, could you tell us about the tour you have coming up?

I’m actually writing this on a 10 hour flight over to Miami. I think it would be a bit cheeky to call it a tour though. I was invited onto the Melissa Etheridge cruise which is amazing because I’m a big fan of hers. I’m going out with my best mate Alfie who also happens to be my drummer. It’s a bit of an early birthday present for him :’) After the cruise we are off to Nashville so I can do some writing and finally New York for some meetings before heading home. I’ve got my guitar and Alfie has his Travel Cajon to I’m sure there will be some music playing whilst we’re away. 


Have you ever played the US before?

I’ve actually never been before so I’m pretty excited!

Amazing! What do your fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

The new EP of course! I’ve got a lot of things planned this year: more music, more shows and hopefully some more developments within my live set. The date to keep though is April 13th when the EP will drop… Why we chose Friday 13th I have no idea, but let’s just hope nothing goes wrong :’)


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