Brooklyn based dark-pop songstress Sara Kendall releases powerful new single ‘You Don’t Own It’


Sara Kendall is a Brooklyn based dark-pop songstress whose haunting and introspective lyrics explore themes of empowerment and self preservation. Taking inspiration from both female artists and novels alike, Kendall’s lyrics are reflective of her life experience, delivered with a powerful voice that Vanyaland described as a “portal to her soul”. Sweeping synths meet big, anthemic melodies on her new single ‘You Don’t Own It’ – with Sara’s brooding vocal taking center stage. 


“‘You Don’t Own it'” is an unapologetic telling of situations where I have been objectified as a woman.  It’s a firm call out and empowering stand against it. It’s standing up for myself instead of wallowing in past events where I have felt wronged or damaged from. I wanted to look at these same experiences and reflect upon them with a different lens than I had previously.  Resentment and liberation from it can coincide and exist together in unison.”  – Sara Kendall


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