Quote Club: Suffolk based songwriter Alfie Indra releases bouncy summertime single ‘Cool People’


Cool People is the new sun-soaked indie-pop single from Suffolk based songwriter Alfie Indra. Having previously opted for a more mellow, acoustic pop vibe, Alfie teamed up with George Fitzgibbon to take his sound to another level. Rhythmic synths and anthemic drums collide to create an energetic indie undercurrent that carries Alfie’s effortless vocal perfectly.

“Cool People is about those judgmental people at school who make you feel bad about yourself. You know they’re shallow but on some level you still want to impress them. You get caught in the bubble of your school and make friendships based on social status. Since we’ve left it all seems a bit pointless and I feel like I’ve missed out on forming some genuine relationships with people I’d probably have really connected with but didn’t because I wanted to maintain popularity. Like with all my songs I’ve tried to write it on two levels. I hope that people will be able to dance and sing along to it but also listen to the lyrics and feel something more.” – Alfie Indra


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