Quote Club: Indie-electro duo Phiilo release energetic new single ‘Make You Mine’ via BonFire Records

“The track is about falling in love with a girl (in this case on a summer night), and just getting lost in the night with one another. You start losing track of time, and letting yourself fall into something in a way that’s probably too fast and never going to actually work out beyond a particular night, but you let it happen anyway because you are lost in the present moment. There’s something unique and special about that type of interaction, even if it doesn’t last more than a night. Summertime nights really create a mood that gets you into this spirit.”

“As far as the production side, this track has a weird story behind it. Jonny first wrote some of these lyrics 2 years ago when another producer asked him to sing on a track. We recorded them, and the recordings never ended up being used, so 2 years later, Nick found the files on an external hard drive and starting making a production around them. The lyrics changed quite a bit and we had to re-record everything, but it’s funny how you can mistakenly come across a forgotten recording from years ago and it can inspire a totally new track.” – Phiilo


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