Check out the glitchy video for Sweater Beats’ new single ‘Enemy feat. Sorana’, directed by David Dutton


‘Enemy feat. Sorana’ is the new single from Sweater Beats, the Los Angeles based producer who has worked with the likes of R.LUM.R and Hayley Kiyoko. The accompanying video, directed by acclaimed creative David Dutton – who has worked with Sweater Beats before on a number of visuals. The glitchy journey through a neon cityscape is the perfect framing for a swirling, electronic production – full of expressive melodies and glassy guitar flourishes.

On Enemy, Sorana shares: “The ENEMY is a song about some of us that love to cheat and lie without thinking of the hearts they’re breaking . For them it’s all about the game. ‘I’ve got a lover who’s got a lover ‘ is something that happened to all of us at some point, so when it happened to me I decided to write about it. Writing about stuff that happens to me always makes me feel better. I loved writing this song with Digital Farm Animals and Jenson Vaughan and I am very, very excited for the collaboration with Sweater Beats. I love what he did with the track and I hope that you’ll love this song as much as we do!”


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