Los Angeles based songwriter and artist Kyan Palmer releases brooding new single ‘Make It Up’


Los Angeles based songwriter and artist Kyan Palmer is on the rise, making a name for himself with an exciting blend of R&B and Pop. He has just released his new single ‘Make It Up’, in which he muses on a toxic relationship its accompanying emotions. In classic Kyan Palmer style, the writing is emotive, introspective and well crafted. The production pairs carefully selected drum samples and electronic instrumentation which swells around Palmer’s soaring melody.

“Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that you’re constantly fighting with, but for some reason you love it? That is exactly what “Make It Up” is about. I have a tendency to love people that are overly passionate and while many of my other songs touch on the negatives of those relationships, “Make It Up” sheds light on the reasons I stayed. It’s something that’s more fun and lighthearted and shows another side of me.” – Kyan Palmer


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