Quote Club: ‘Pinky Up’ is the new single produced by Dear Lola and performed by Lia – Taken from the documentary series ‘Unframed’


‘Pinky Up’ is the new single produced by Dear Lola and performed by Lia. It is taken from a documentary series called “Unframed” presenting conversations amongst creators.

“At the end of last summer I was getting over a break-up. I was in between places, had just temporarily moved back in with my parents, and really drowned it all by making tons of beats. I made one or two every single day for a month straight, mostly short ones. Pinky Up started like that, just another nameless, unpolished piece of music. I sent LIA a selection of a couple beats, she picked this one, wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals within like a day (she is extremely good And quick, it’s insane honestly).” – Dear Lola


“I fell in love with the track like you have no idea, the first listen gave me shivers all over. At that point it was still very short, but I was super inspired by what she had done, and the topic of the song, so I doubled its length and switched it up, harmonising her vocals, breaking the beat down. In the end I can say for sure that this is one of the best songs I have ever worked on, and a huge part of that is LIA and her amazing work. I’m really glad we got to do this for Unframed.” – Dear Lola

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