Los Angeles based songwriter Max Frost drops anthemic new single ‘Eleven Days’


Max Frost is coming off a DJ Snake feature and a bunch of amazing tour slots with acts such as Fitz and Gary Clarke Jr. The rising songwriter has racked up tens of millions of streams with his emotive pop writing. It’s a style of writing that Frost has been nurturing recently, he explains, “I realized I needed to completely change what I was doing and what I was trying to create into something a little bolder, a little bit more honest and less controlled. I needed to take the veil off and let myself be a little more naked and a little more direct.” Frost also cites his relocation from Texas to Los Angeles as instrumental in his growth – explaining that the move “was about having a fresh start — reinventing myself as much as a person as an artist.”

His new single ‘Eleven Days’ is refreshingly effervescent, with Frost’s vocal taking center stage. It is an anthemic alt-pop number with rousing melodies and a sizzling electronic beat. It opens with a big house piano which is eventually replaces by pulsating synths that drive against a powerful beat. It’s an impressive production that perfectly captures the lyrical content of Frost’s writing.


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