Minneapolis based singer and rapper Call Me Karizma drops his new single ‘Life of The Party’


Call Me Karizma is a 23 year old artist hailing from Minneapolis. His strong message of self-love and openness with the subject of mental health has earned him a committed fanbase. His sound sits somewhere between hip-hop, indie and pop with a strong focus on his energetic vocals. His first EP of 2018 garnered 1.3 million streams, all without a spot on an editorial Spotify playlist – his fans are listening. ‘Life of The Party’ is Karizma’s new single, taken from his upcoming EP ‘The Gloomy Tapes; Vol 2’. It has his unique sonic character, with catchy hooks, an exciting instrumental and meaningful lyrics.

“I wrote Life of the Party for the kids who feel alone. To let them know it is okay to stay inside and be by yourself. This song is a sad anthem for the delinquents.” – Call Me Karizma


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