Premiere: Matilda Eyre releases the visuals to her sumptuous debut solo single ‘FYA’

We are proud to premiere the video for Matilda Eyre’s debut solo single ‘FYA’. Her unique brand of brooding indie-pop acts a vehicle for an introspective style of songwriting. A subdued, stuttering beat is peppered with harmonic synths and underpinned by a throbbing bass-line. Eyre’s vocal drifts over the top, a nonchalant tone is coupled with reverb-laden production to create an off-kilter delivery; adding to an already eerie soundscape.

FYA is a song about self-worth. Short for ‘For Your Approval’, it’s an intimate story about childhood and the stories we make up about ourselves early on. Coming into this life fierce, wild and carefree, we are being shaped by our surroundings until we lose ourselves and start looking for external validation. FYA is an ode to your inner joy and ferocity.” – Matilda Eyre



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