‘Thank You’ is the final single taken from H. Kenneth’s vibrant debut album ‘This Is A Journal’

‘Thank You’ is the final single taken from H. Kenneth’s debut album ‘This Is A Journal’. Vibrant synth-pop production rides underneath his charismatic vocal. Elements of electronic influence fleck the soundscape; evoking shades of Jamie Woon and Ben Khan. Overdriven guitars, bouncy drums, glassy synths and beefy subs collide to create an infectiously refreshing single.

“It’s so hard to find a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, especially these days with apps, DM’s, and social media. So when you find someone who truly cares for you and never asks for anything in return, it’s such an amazing feeling. ‘Thank You’ is a song about the expression of gratitude for that person you can truly lean on for anything and everything. It’s about understanding that no one is obligated to be with anyone, and knowing that the person you’re with truly wants to be there. It can be such a rewarding feeling. Saying you love someone is one thing. Telling them that you’re thankful that they love you is another.” – H. Kenneth


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