Brooklynite Chloe Lilac drops swirling, sepia-tinged single ‘Summer’

Brooklynite Chloe Lilac is coming off the back of her successful  track ‘Stolen Liquor’, which saw support from the likes of Kick Kick Snare, HillyDilly and Press Play – it is now approaching 300,000 streams on Spotify. Her follow-up ‘Summer’ shows the same promise, drawing on nostalgia-pop sensibilities to create a swirling, sepia-tinged single. Lo-fi production is matched by emotive, raw songwriting which draws on Chloe’s personal experience.

“Summer 2018 was a very pivotal summer for me in my adolescent years. It’s a summer that I’ll never forget, and I felt an overwhelming desire to express it. That, and being a kid in New York City is such a magical reality I live that I’m extremely grateful for. I feel like this song really encompassed those experiences for me.” – Chloe Lilac


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