Genre-defying, pop-soul sensation St. Humain returns with eclectic single ‘Fever Vibe’

Genre-agnostic, pop-soul sensation St. Humain is back with his newest single ‘Fever Vibe‘. Drawing inspiration from Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels and Charlie Puth, as well as the rap resurgence, St. Humain’s music is a fusion of contemporary modern soundscapes with urban elements. ‘Fever Vibe‘ is a blend of effervescent synths, profound bass and celestial vocals. The multitalented singer, songwriter and producer St. Humain combines honest storytelling with modern pop sensibilities. Born in Singapore and now based in Sydney, Australia, he sets urban-infused melodies against an electronic backdrop, whilst holding that tension between being a got-it-all-together saint and a fallible earthman.

“‘Fever Vibe’ is inspired by the feeling of young love – that high you get when you first begin a relationship. Musically it’s focusing my love for fusing pop sensibilities with an urban touch, and my love for electronic music. I had to make something energetic to go with the feeling!” – St. Humain


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