Tokyo-based mixed-culture pop group Intersection release their latest hit single ‘Heart of Gold’

Tokyo-based mixed-culture pop group Intersection release their latest hit single ‘Heart of Gold’, capturing the hearts of pop fans all over the world. The four-piece band, comprised of Mika Hashizume, William Aoyama, Kazuma Mitchell and Caelan Moriarty, draw on their difficult cultural backgrounds and upbringings, from California, New York, Hawaii and Cuba, to write and produce infectious pop music with an R&B influence in their shared city of Tokyo. ‘Heart of Gold’ exudes a throw-back vibe with nostalgic production, combined with their poignant lyricism drenched in feelings of teenage heartthrob. We can look forward to their future singles, ‘Falling’ and ‘Body Language’, which are set to be released on the 9th November and 7th December of this year respectively.



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