Hozier releases powerful new single ‘Dinner & Diatribes’ in lead up to second album ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ due in March

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Hozier is back with another powerful and experimental single in the lead-up to his long anticipated second album.  The latest single ‘Dinner & Diatribes’ maintains an energetic, folk note that is interwoven through melodic and commanding vocals and dense, tribal beat.

It seems that Hozier has grown in confidence since the release of his first self-titled album in 2014.  The tracks that have been recently released to form part of his second LP including ‘Shrike’, ‘Movement’, and most notably ‘Nina Cried Power’ harness a different sort of energy and vitality that we’ve not seen before with his soulful, rocking folk dynamic.

This is a track you’ll have on repeat; four minutes of raw musicianship that truly encapsulates the feeling of anticipation we have for his second full length ‘Wasteland, Baby!’


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