‘Obsessed’ is the debut eclectic pop single from KANE

‘Obsessed’ is the debut single from KANE, a production project with a rotating collective on unknown creators who want to let the music speak for itself.  The debut single ‘Obsessed’ reveals an eclectic pop vibe, encompassing summery electronic tones, clean vocals, and a dynamic beat.  The track features elements of commercial pop, indie pop, R&B,…

Altvater delivers downtempo electronica track ‘This Pertains To Solitude’

‘This Pertains To Solitude’ is the latest release from downtempo electronic producer Altvater.  The track is a cinematic blend of electronica, trip hop, and hip hop.  ‘This Pertains To Solitude’ features a complex soundscape consisting of hypnotising vocals blended with poignant, dark chords and mesmerising beat. Follow: Facebook

Reece releases main single ‘Man Down’ from debut EP ‘I’m Not Sure Yet’

‘Man Down’ is the main single from debut EP ‘I’m Not Sure Yet’ by Reece.  The track showcases Reece’s smooth, sultry vocals on top of a mesmerising tonal beat.  ‘Man Down’ is a perfectly addictive, melodic piece of R&B electro-infused artistry that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Follow: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Phantom Phunk enter new territory with dynamic new single ‘Every Where You Go’

‘Every Where You Go’ is the new energetic, complex single from Phantom Phunk. Marking a shift away from Phunk’s retro repertoire towards something more futuristic.  The track features a robotic yet enigmatic drum loop paired with a captivating mid-tempo bounce.  Groovy synths work with carefully placed vocals immediately draws you in.  Despite a robotic air,…

FRANKE delivers absorbing, complex track ‘Kids’

‘Kids’ is the second track of FRANKE’s 5-track EP released earlier this month.  ‘Kids’ is a melancholy, rhythmic take on pop with melodious roots.  Vox treatment provides a distinct flavour and tone to the track, painting a dark, swirling atmosphere that leaves you wanting more.  FRANKE is surely one to watch for the future. Follow:…