Quote Club: ‘Communication’ is the new smooth driving single from Aaron Taos

“‘Communication’ is about the importance of talking things out. I’m a pretty open person, so when there’s something not sitting right between me and someone (be it lover or friend) I’m quick to want to acknowledge the issue and attempt to fix it. My girlfriend at the time I wrote this song was someone whose first response to a problem was to go inside of herself and clam up – which was frustrating for me. I would be the one to initiate and try to lovingly coax it out of her to talk. As I mentioned in the song, both my parent’s are therapists, so it could stem from that. In any case “Communication” is about the importance of airing things out”. – Aaron Taos

‘Communication’ features Aaron Taos’ smooth vocals paired with deep bass and a hypnotic beat. Vocal layering adds the extra dose of flair to the track and engages the listener on a whole new level.


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