Nashville based songwriter estef eliminates shame on vibrant new single ‘Anyway’


Nashville based songwriter and artist estef eliminates shame on vibrant new single ‘Anyway’. The production is joyously expressive, combining a sweet lo-fi groove with organic textures and searingly infectious melodies. estef’s vocal is nonchalant, expressing the emotional narrative with ease; she is currently working on finishing her upcoming EP ‘Nicotine’, so be sure to watch out for that.

“I wrote “Anyway” at a time where I was dealing with a lot of anxiety from a break up and just life in general.  I started doing things I knew were bad for me, and started being really hard on myself about it. I sat down at the piano and this song flew out of me in 20 minutes. Suddenly, I had made sense of everything I was going through and I was able to eliminate the shame in my decisions, embrace my dark side and be in control of it all.” – estef


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