Quote Club: Chicago’s John Summit drops groove-fuelled two track ‘Afterhours/Addiction’


“I’m seriously so stoked to release an EP on This Ain’t Bristol. They have been one of my favorite forward thinking labels for years now, so I couldn’t believe when I landed an EP with them. Both tracks still incorporate my signature tech house sound but it was fun to be able to go a bit darker and weirder with these tracks than I normally do.”

“For “Afterhours”, I knew I wanted to do a big synth build for the main breakdown that I thought was a cool change of pace before launching back into the techy groove. For “Addiction”, I formulated everything around the bassline as I wanted to make something that went off in the club, and the goal was to keep building energy throughout the track to have maximum impact at the end. I’m super pleased with how well each track turned out and I’m excited to keep playing them in my upcoming sets!”


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