Quote Club: Nashville’s Mokita treads between genres on expansive new EP ‘4201’


Nashville based songwriter and producer Mokita treads between genres on expansive new EP ‘4201’. From upbeat dynamic R&B to smooth organic soundscapes driven by guitar – the record shows off the breadth of Mokita’s musical palette.

“4201.. the name of the EP, is just the street address number of the house where I wrote all the songs on the EP. Each song draws from a moment that’s happened in my life over the past year, and they’ve all been created start to finish in my bedroom studio, which makes each song feel special and unique. It’s cool to be able to create all the songs in the place you’re living; it just adds intimacy to the process of making music.” – Mokita

“‘More Than Friends’ started with an acoustic guitar riff that I had been playing around with for several months. The lyrics came pretty naturally and I basically just matched the chorus melody with the acoustic guitar lead line. I had been listening to a lot of ‘80s music at the time and really tried to incorporate some classic sounding synths into the drop section. Lyrically, the song is super straightforward, and speaks into the difficulty of trying to be friends with someone that you were at one time ‘More Than Friends’ with.”


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