Dom McAllister releases highly anticipated debut EP ‘Low On A Wave’.

After a string of successful single releases last year, Scottish-filipino musician Dom McAllister has bounded into 2020 with a bang, in the form of his highly anticipated  debut EP ‘Low On a Wave’. Including a few of his previous soulful pop releases, this consciously curated collection features new addictive additions such as ‘Intentions’ the single, ‘Camouflage’ and ‘Lingers’.

Oozing with ambience, cinematic synths, authentic songwriting and silky smooth vocals, these elements combine pristinely, creating Dom’s effortlessly contemporary, unique sound, that once known, is instantly recognisable and utterly exquisite.

“‘Low on a wave’ represents many things that we struggle with whilst trying to find ourselves. Sounds all extremely deep but with a little help from the mellow trap and hip hop beats I hope that listeners can still vibe to it.

Even if there were no lyrics to these tracks, I feel the producers have captured sense of emotion with every chord change, beat and moody synth. Today we respond to a #mood or vibe we all want to feel, so I wanted to create something quite “wavey” yet still expressing how I felt at the time. If anyone is feeling alone for whatever reason, I hope this can sail anybody’s low on a wave to remember we’re all going through something.” – Dom McAllister


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