Hugo Valentine releases ‘All I Want’ a call to love and his first single of 2020.

Multi-instrumentalist and London born Hugo Valentine has released his first track of 2020; ‘All I Want’ is a call to love and a beautifully written appeal for more human connection in a generation engrossed in technology. After an impressive stint of singles last year, this being his fourth contribution to the musical world, Hugo is showing no signs of slowing down and is setting up for an exciting year ahead.

Sublimely soulful and decorated with delightful musicality throughout, this song continues to expand on Hugo‘s enchanting songwriting recipe of toe tapping beats, memorable melodies and emotive lyrics.

This song was in fact the first I worked on with producer Henrik Fossum. Everything fell together pretty naturally – we used a number of my original samples to retain some of the feel, and the vibe this song brought to the studio made it a really special one to work on. Though other tracks have since been recorded on a grand piano, this one was done on a beautiful, mellow upright that happened to reside in the studio where we were working at the time.

The piano tone somehow gives it a really nostalgic feel which was not something we expected – unassuming beauty. We went back to that studio one day some months later only to find that the studio had closed down and all its contents had gone. The remaining shell of the building was an eerie sight and has really stuck with me. Now whenever I listen to the record, I get this strange sensation that the sound is ‘locked away’ in time – irretrievable.” – Hugo Valentine.


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