London’s Latir shares tender video for soulful ‘Blue Roses’

Today sees musicians fall into two camps – the lovers and the heartbroken. Yet, London musician Latir explores both sides of the coin through new single ‘Blue Roses’, which was written and produced alongside long-term collaborator Calper.

As Latir says of this soulful number:

“I wrote this song about having an intensely beautiful moment with a lover whilst far from home, then having to suddenly leave them behind at the apex of it all… that feeling when you’ve had something perfect taken away from you by circumstance!”

This unwilling separation is played out by Latir Thakur and actress Ruth-Ellen in a tender music video. Scenes flit from past to present, the lo-fi film style representing memories of times long gone while the crisper, digital filming captures the singer’s solitude.

If you’re vibing to ‘Blue Roses’ and happen to be in London on May 15th head down to Hoxton’s Colours for Latir’s headline show. Tickets can be found here.





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