ICYMI: Luna Pines chilled dream-pop track ‘You’ll Miss It All’

At the end of January, Leeds-based trio Luna Pines delivered a tender new single by the name of ‘You’ll Miss It All’ and if this one slipped under your radar, we’re giving you another chance to take this one in.

With dream-pop melodies, a steady driving rhythm and sparkling synths, this track is meditative in nature as we ponder with the lyrics, “am I still dreaming?”

To further our understanding of this chilled existentalism, here’s singer, sampler and keys provider Lotte, who says, “For me I remember reminding myself that I’d managed to overcome a severe anxiety disorder where I couldn’t leave the house, to being able to move to London and do things I never thought I could do. You might never have everything but you’ll always have something – and that’s so important to remember or you’ll end up missing all the great things around you.”

Listen to ‘You’ll Miss It All’ below, out now via The Animal Farm.

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