‘Love & Illusions’ newest EP from RadCat.

Christian Ariza, aka Rad Cat has dropped his EP ‘Love & Illusions’, this 3-track composition is his first release of the year so far and it does not disappoint. Featuring the vocal talents of Dutch Melrose, this newest contribution takes the listener on an emotive journey of heart ache and loss through layered synths, undulating rhythms and drama filled drops.

Sitting comfortably in a place between future, electro-pop and alt RnB, Rad Cat explores the musical landscape with ease and prowess with this newest EP.

“Heartbreak is no joke and it really hit me hard last year. Anger, deception, betrayal, and most of all sadness really took over me for a while. I wanted to channel all that energy into a creative medium and with the help of my homie Dutch Melrose, the Love And Illusions EP was born.” – Rad Cat


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