Amsterdam’s alternative R&B artist Juliet July gives us serious wanderlust with ‘EASY’

Today, we’d love to introduce you to Juliet July, the Dutch singer and songwriter who has just released new single ‘EASY’. The track showcases a self-crafted style of soothing soul and contemporary R&B, which listeners of preceding single ‘Sunday Afternoon’ will already be acquainted with. It’s a thoroughly stylish sound boosted by July’s positive attitude.

“EASY gives an alternate perspective on the road to following your true heart desires. This is not to say that you will never come across obstacles or that you can just sit around and wait for your dreams to manifest. I believe a lot in the power of thoughts and hearing everyday how difficult a task is going to be is in my opinion not the way to go about it. ‘EASY’ acts as a POSITIVE affirmation , as a reminder that when we truly listen to what our heart whispers everything is possible.”

As well as being a musician, Juliet July started out as a child star in musicals before launching an international modelling career which led to her living and working in South Africa. This country, which represents opportunity for July, is the setting of the ‘EASY’ music video. Here we’re treated to stunning vistas surrounding Cape Town and it’s giving us serious wanderlust.





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