Introducing Lleo, the millennial pop chart-maker

A fan of bucket hats and catchy pop hooks, Lleo is a new name on the pop scene and our first listen comes in the form of bouncing single ‘Problems’. Built around a dancehall rhythm and a polished pop vocal, ‘Problems’ sums up the moment when the veil lifts on a person’s true intentions and you can only see the truth from now on. As Lleo repeats, “You’re not who I thought you were, / You’re my big mistake, / It’s just getting worse and worse / With every dose I take.”

Experiencing relationship toxicity is par for the course when you’re growing up and so ‘Problems’ is set to be part of the narrative that Lleo creates around the experience of being a millennial.

Yet, Lleo’s music doesn’t leave you feeling drained, thanks to the “electro-pop and feel-good bops”, as the young artist puts it, these songs will give you the confidence “to take risks, not to fin in.”




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