Disco quintet Sirens Of Lesbos share bouncy bop ‘Zeus’

Their band name and song title suggest a fascination with Greek mythology, and moreover becomes to unifying culture point between Sirens Of Lesbos‘ five Swiss-born members who are proud sons and daughters of political refugees and freedom fighters. Stretching from Sudanese and Eritrean émigrés to a Prague Spring-escapee- turned-club-owner, their familial histories have gifted each of them with an eclectic musical education which comes together in the fruity cocktail of tracks like ‘Zeus’.

This slanting disco bop revolves around a one-note bass line, grooving hi-hats, bluesy piano chords and the Serag sisters’ warm vocals. Heavy with odes to seventies disco and soul, the track unfolds in three parts, or “acts”, as the group would rather us understand.

Speaking about the classical inspiration behind the divinely named ‘Zeus’, SOL say:

“The track is a musical interpretation of Greek philosopher Plato’s tale about the ‘Other Half’ and, thus, about gender diversity and the search for a soulmate” says the band’s lyri- cist, Arci. “It was meant to be a traditional verse-chorus-verse song but turned into a three- act structure — funnily enough invented by Plato’s student Aristotle — during the recording process.”





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