EKKO releases magnetic, fully charged, club anthem – ‘Off My Mind’.


Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer EKKO has released her first single of 2020. The energetic, future bass fuelled, dance floor filler – ‘Off My Mind.’ Radiating clean and crystal clear vocals, simply made for recording and catchy melodic vocal hooks, this tune is polished off with pristine production. Expertly blending and bending the boundaries between EDM and electro pop, ‘Off My Mind’ is sophisticatedly layered with impressive synth scapes and high energy beat work.

Having already surpassed 6 million streams on Spotify for her unique cover of ‘Dance Monkey’, this year is looking stunningly bright for the all round pop star.

“The song is about that feeling of not getting someone or something off your mind. It permeates your entire system, your thoughts and your feelings. Almost to the point where it becomes an obsession that takes full control of your body and mind. It feels both scary and exiting all at the same time.

I wrote the song in Norway, rerecorded it in Los Angeles, and completed the production with producers Vegard Hurum and Einar Eriksen Kvaløy in Provence late last year. The music video was shot in Moscow which turned out to be the perfect location, as we found some excellent spaces and locations that emulated the mood of the song” – EKKO.


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