Brighton’s Maida Vorn releases Face Like Thunder EP


If spacey dark-pop is your thing, then you better stick around to hear more about rising artist Maida Vorn who has just release her unmissable new EP, Face Like Thunder.

Composed of four tracks which challenges our preconceptions of pop. The EP opens with ‘River’, a withy concoction of undulating synth, clipping digital beatwork and an explosive chorus. Maida Vorn’s voice is especially impactful here; the intensity of it doesn’t allow the listener to break away for a moment.

Next, we move to ‘Venus’, inspired by the Roman goddess of love and the carnivorous plant, the Venus Flytrap. This track portrays the multiplicity of women, who have as many shades as there are colours in the world. The third track ‘Automatic’ is a noticeably funkier affair, and that’s not the only difference. Rather than singing to her fullest, Maida Vorn strikes back with her sing-speak performance over a Daft Punk-meets-Blondie soundtrack.

In closing, we have ‘War Child’, from which the EP derives its title. To begin with, it’s a glitchy piece of melancholic electronica reminiscent of musical outsider Aurora. However, it doesn’t take long before Vorn launches into danceable synth-pop with a powerful drum kick and vocal performance akin to Kate Bush.

Maida Vorn clearly wears her influences on her sleeve and we really respect that expression of her admirations for styles, genres and artists who have come before her. You’d be hard pressed to find an EP with such a versatile soundscape.




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