ZELAH’s I EP traces the pair’s journey so far

Between the years of 2017 and 2019, two friends and fellow musicians Zelah Van-Gowler and Elliot Neale were prolific in their songwriting and recording new music. When you create so much, you have to make some decisions about what you’d like to present your sound the best and with two years of song-making under their belt, there was lots to chose from. When you listen to the pair’s freshly released EP, you’ll find a consistency in tone and atmosphere. Built around the emotional and personally-inspired lyrics of Van-Gowler and then complemented by the instrumental compositions of Neale, we’re dropped into a world of moody alt-pop atmospherics.

Tracks like ‘Closer’ and ‘Static’ have already made an appearance, both arriving with intimate music videos that accentuate the simplicity of one solid concept. In a way, that’s true of the EP as a whole; it’s one whole piece made up of four songs. Collectively, they create a narrative of love and heartbreak, something that we’ve all experienced at one time or another.

The third song that we’d consider to be a single is ‘Let Go’. Much like the rest of the EP, we’re struck by the powerful vocals and intricate guitar melodies, yet it’s set apart by the booming synth bass.

While ZELAH shared a thorough explanation of the EP with us, we’d like to pick out what they have to say about ‘Let Go’:

‘Static’ was also written more recently in the summer of 2019. When making it we wanted to draw on lighter inspirations and explore a different avenue of our creativity. We wanted to find our own balance between the more alternative route and the heavier pop route. We make most of the sounds on a laptop at first so when we got into the studio the main goal with this was to make it feel more ‘real’. We really enjoyed finding this middle ground and now Static feels most accurate to the direction in which a lot of our newer material is based, a little lighter but still with the atmosphere and real elements that we love.




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