‘My Friend’ the new intuitive, stirring single from Hugo Valentine.



Hugo Valentine has returned with his newest single – ‘My Friend’, a deeply moving and soul stirring release that features the artist diving down into the very depths of himself to translate pure, raw and authentic vulnerability as he  reflects upon the very real and incredibly sad reality of a close friends suicide.

To touch upon a subject with such maturity and sensitivity is no easy feat and yet Hugo manages to do just that and so much more. Harnessing the emotion running throughout, he highlights another side to the story and helps the listener feel rejuvenated, lifted and above all hopeful.

A husky rasp in those soulful vocals shows the true rawness present within Hugo throughout, whilst the hint of a gospel choir joins him as the song builds, helping to carry and elevate the song even further.


The message in the lyrics is laid bare in a direct and up-front manner, which paved a clear path to serving the song. Henrik and I made the decision to let the first verse and chorus stand alone to deliver the message delicately, without compromise. The support of the haunting backing vocals of Char Lubbock brought the track to life in many ways, giving it a beautiful warmth and energy. We couldn’t help but record the Hammond once we were in the studio, it seemed a poignant nod to gospel music in a song that celebrates a beautiful life. Everything in this track was carefully measured but there was a fair dose of restraint exercised with the instrumentation, again in a bid to best serve the song. The piano was given a front seat and there were also some synth details in the track, with the intention of delivering a wistful and nostalgic feel.” – Hugo Valentine.



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