Atlanta’s Ray Dawn is all about good energy in ‘Flex’

With gyms closed down , exercise fans have had to find creative new ways to work out from home, but even then it isn’t all that easy to get motivated. This is where music comes in… we’ve all got that playlist or go-to album that you know if going to get you in the mood to put some work in, and we’ve got a just the track to freshen up your Spotify listens.

Ray Dawn hails from the home of hip-hop, Atlanta, and recently he dropped new contemporary rap track ‘Flex’. Dawn provides melodic beats that twist and his signature laid- back tone through this simple-yet-meaningful track that intends to exude much needed energy during these trying times.

“”Flex” is about enjoying the fruits of my labor, refusing to be lackadaisical, keeping my foot on the gas and manifesting my vision. Life is good, but I’m looking forward to it being even better.”

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