Smooth groover Nic Hanson has a ‘Crush On You’

‘Crush On You’ is one of those songs where as soon as you hit play, you’re winding you head, tapping your toes and feeling that groove. Set on soul staples of rich bass and guitar licks, Hanson brings in elements of pop with his vocal melodies and slick hip-hop in persuasive rap verses. Everything about this track is laidback, from the instrumentation, to Hanson’s performance, to the baritone backing singers.

The track fades out rather than coming to an abrupt end, leaving you hungry from more from this Brooklyn-based artist.

“Damn it’s kinda weird cause I originally wrote this song a couple years ago in the winter at this girls house. but i feel like it’s actually a feel-good summer record, and how people can really just be into each other… I was in my feelings to be honest.  It’s like the feeling you get when you first have a crush on somebody, like the butterflies in your stomach.”

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