Reece Lemonius shines on new single ‘Something I Can Feel’

Reece Lemonius has clearly been taking notes from the wealth of hit singles that have gone before as his newest release ‘Something I Can Feel’ is a surefire winner. Sounding like a mix between The Weekend and Charlie Puth with those driving rhtyhms, contemporary production and polished-yet-sensuous vocals, this track is a modern twist on the enduring ’80s pop culture.

Inspired by everything from The Lost Boys soundtrack to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, it’s clear that Lemonius is drawn to the darker tensions that these supernatural epics embody. Synths and scorching guitars lead us into the sudden ending, wherein even the song’s central refrain is cut short – “something I can…”

Perhaps the sudden close of ‘Something I Can Feel’, hits at a narrative to be picked up in the next release from Reece Lemonius. For now, we’ll simply have to wait to find out.

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