Seductive grooves and sensual angst define KEIR’s ‘Rose’

When we were reading up on new artist KEIR, we came across a rather interesting term that has been associated with this Bristol-based newcomer – Weltschmerz. This term was coined by German author Jean Paul and literally translates to “world-pain”; it’s since been connected to romantic poets and decadent authors. Now, KEIR is bringing his own perspective, steeped in Weltschmerz, heartache and decades of pop music history into his creative project.

Speaking of which, KEIR recently released new single ‘Rose’, a rock, soul and pop rich song about “fragility, deception, a dream of delusion. To find an escape to madness by awaking from the dream.” This isn’t about wallowing in sadness, music for KEIR is a cathartic outpouring of his demons, and so does he invite the listen to do the same.

Seductive grooves and sensual angst define the sound of ‘Rose’, which you can go ahead and listen to below.

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